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Alice Hollister – photos and quotes

Alice Hollister

“I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was educated at the Villa Maria Convent in Montreal. Oh, I loved it! The time I spent there was the happiest in my life. I am of French parentage, you know.”Alice Hollister


Alice Hollister

“I’ve never been on the stage and now, I feel that some stage experience is absolutely necessary to help me round out my picture work. I suppose that’s my hobby – acting. I don’t think I shall ever be happy until I’ve had my fling at stage work. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m very happy here in the studio. There can’t be any people nicer than Kalem people, and I love my work devotedly. But there is just a wee little bit of me that yearns for a brief glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ of real theatre. It’s just that, having tried picture-work and found it good, I long to have a try at the stage.”Alice Hollister

Source: Pearl Gaddis (1915)



Alice Hollister 1913

“When I feel like that about the stage, I always seek a quiet corner and have a heart-to-heart talk with Alice Hollister. First, Alice Hollister can go to the picture theatres see herself as others see her, and thereby correct and improve her work. Second, I have a home here, and oh! how I love it! Third, my leisure time can be spent in a number of ways that must remain closed to the legitimate actress.”Alice Hollister

Source: Pearl Gaddis (1915)

Photo: 1913


The Vampire 1913 Alice Hollister

“I have been in pictures for four years – every one of them with Kalem and every one of them filled to the brim with happiness and hard work. Do you know, I’m never so happy as when I am working very, very hard and having a trying time with some nice part. I’m afraid the public won’t like me if I don’t stop playing so many ‘wicked’ parts. Do you know, during the past winter here in Florida I have eloped with one of my ‘husband’s’ best friends no less than eleven times, set fire to a schoolhouse, been  a bad wicked ‘chorus lady’ three times, eloped with another woman’s husband twice, murdered a man, and have been a nasty, wicked ‘little cat’ all in one winter? Oh, of course, I mean in my work. Those are parts I have played, you see. Please don’t think I’d do all of that really and truly. Why, at heart I’m a meek as a lamb.”Alice Hollister

Source: 1914

Photo: The Vampire (1913)


Alice Hollister

“Do you know, I have always longed to play a boy part and a Japanese part? In all my four years I have never had a Japanese part nor a boy part. I believe I should like both.”Alice Hollister


Alice Hollister

“Please don’t forget to say that I don’t exactly like all the parts I play. When I thrill over the character to be interpreted, the right mood inspires me and I live and breathe the role that I am acting. And I never forget these characters afterwards.”Alice Hollister


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