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Arthur Housman 1925

“I was born in New York and educated there. When my mother wanted me to go to college, I went out and got a position so I’d have a good excuse to get out of more edication. I have been on the stage…and in vaudeville in a pantomime act with another fellow. I have been with the Edison Company for four years, and like it much better than stage-work, for it is, in a way, easier; there’s no nightwork, and it’s more interesting, for on the stage you play the same part for a whole season, and sometimes more, when in ‘movies’ you have a new part handed you every week, and sometimes two.”Arthur Housman

Source: Pearl Gaddis (1914)

Photo: 1925


Arthur Housman 1914

“My favorite parts? Don’t ask me to name the characters, for I can’t remember them, but I like ‘boob’ parts pretty well. I’ve had a lot of them to play, and I like them. I like any comedy part, tho.”Arthur Housman

Source: Pearl Gaddis (1914)


Nellie Grant, Arthur Housman, and Alice Washburn in Jack's Joke (1913)

“Yes, I have written a few scenarios. Had ’em turned down, tho. No, I haven’t any favorite novelist or poet, or anything of that sort. My hobby is hunting. I do a great deal of that when I have a chance. My great ambition? Oh, to have a couple of million dollars and a chicken-farm. I mean a regular chicken-farm like the Kimballville, there in Atlanta. I weight one hundred and sixty-five, I guess, and am five feet eleven inches from the ground.”Arthur Housman

Pearl Gaddis (1914)

Photo: Jack’s Joke (1913). With Nellie Grant and Alice Washburn 


Helen Greene Arthur Housman The Lash of Destiny (1916)

“I don’t study my parts, for I seldom know what we are going to play until I reach the studio. Do we rehearse? Oh, my!…Do we? We DO! My diversions? Theaters, clubs, all that sort of thing, you know. That’s also the way I spend my evenings, so I answered two questions with one answer. Oh, yes, I enjoy photoplays, both dramas and comedies; but I don’t care for educationals…”Arthur Housman

Pearl Gaddis (1914)

Photo: The Lash of Destiny (1916). With Helen Greene.


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