Beatriz Michelena – photos and quotes

Beatriz Michelena

“I always got good notices on my acting as well as on my singing, but I wanted dramatic experience and I was planning to go on the dramatic stage before making a plunge for grand opera when I received an offer to go into moving pictures with the California Motion Picture Corporation. I laughed at the idea first, and then I began to think, and I talked it over with Daddy and he thought it would do me a heap of good to rest my voice and to see myself as others see me. As a matter of fact it does not seem to me that I see myself in the movies at all.”Beatriz Michelena

Source: 1915


Beatriz Michelena

“Well, I had no sooner settled down out there among the hills in Marin County, than I began to like the movie game. I bought the prettiest little Swiss chalet in the outskirts of San Rafael and I live there with my maid and horse and two dogs. If I stay there long enough, I’ll vote at the next special election.”Beatriz Michelena

Photo: Salomy Jane (1914)

Source: 1915


“When I started work, the other actors and actresses seemed to be astonished to find that I could swim and ride horseback. I have to thank my Daddy for that.”Beatriz Michelena

Source: 1915

Beatriz Michelena (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“I enjoy every moment I spend working in the pictures. When I see myself on the screen I can hardly believe that it is me. It seems so uncanny. In fact, if I could really feel that it was me, I would be nicer to myself.”Beatriz Michelena

Photo: The Lity of Poverty Flat (1915)


Beatriz Michelena on the cover of Photoplay Magazine in 1915. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

The cover of Photoplay Magazine in 1915.



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