Bliss Milford – photos and quotes

Bliss Milford

“I believe in lots of things, you know – New Thought, fresh air, the brotherhood of man, calisthenics, eugenics, motor-boating, golf, tennis, swimming – my record is 54 seconds, even – oh, yes, and Woodrow Wilson. You see, I’m quite a believer! Optimism is my recipe for health. I’m sorry for tired-out people who take pride in losing their illusions. Why, I believe in fairies, don’t you?””Bliss Milford


Bliss Milford

“I suppose it’s temperament that makes me play comedy. You ought to see me trying to be tragic in a serious piece! It makes a farce out of it right away. But, of course, I’d rather do smily parts, anyhow. There are plenty of things to make folks sad in the world as it is.”Bliss Milford 

Photo: 1912


Bliss Milford

“Censorship? No! I believe in freedom of the screen as well as of the press, tho I think the studios should censor their own work carefully.”Bliss Milford


“The funny thing is that I have been on the stage and in pictures so long that people figure on my being much older than I really am. That’s one thing about picture work, you can’t deceive your audience about your appearance, as you can upon the stage. One the screen when you are supposed to be sixteen, there’s no fake about it, whereas you can always fool a theatre audience.” — Bliss Milford


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