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Earl Metcalf – photos and quotes

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“Abergavenny, Wales, 1888. Figure it up for yourself. But I must be getting on in years. I’ve been on the ‘legit’ for twelve years, with Stella Hammerstein, Zelda Sears, and various stocks; with Lubin more than a year, and before that, back in the pre-galatial period somewhere, I went to the University of Cincinnati & Ohio Law College. Yes, I’m strong for the photoplay – gives so much scope for my character work specialty. When the lurid ‘melos’ and slapstick comedies are cut out, the Motion Picture screen is going to be a rival of the stage, I tell you. No, it won’t interfere with it, but it will be a worthy parallel branch of art.”Earl Metcalf (also billed as Earle Metcalfe and Earl Metcalfe)

NOTE: Metcalf was actually born March 11, 1889 in Newport, Kentucky, USA, and was obviously not British. Quote comes from 1914.


Earle Metcalfe“Lloyd-Goerge is my political ideal, and, of course, being an Englishman, you can guess my views on woman suffrage. Boss rule seems to control the elections, and I’m afraid I don’t appreciate the honor and opportunity of my own vote sufficiently.”Earl Metcalf

Source: 1914

Photo: 1920


“Kipling, Poe, Gilbert Parker, Emerson – the Rubalyat, ‘Quo Vadis?’ – these are my jewels! I cut the pages that have articles on astrology, literature and the drama, but I skip the sentimental sob stuff. I’m interested in spiritualism and telepathy, for, by Jove! old Hamlet was right when he said there were more things in heaven and earth than one dreams of, but don’t ask me for theories. I’ve too many to print, and besides, no one wants to hear another chap’s theories – he’s too much interested in telling his own!”Earl Metcalf



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