Wallace Reid

Wallace Reid – photos and quotes

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“I was born in St. Louis and attended the Peabody School there until I was about seven. My family then moved to New York, and my prep school was the New Jersey Military Academy, at Freebold, but I finished at one of the smaller Eastern schools in Pennsylvania. In 1900, I left home and went to Cody, Wyoming, where I did several kinds of work – hotel, ranch and survey. In the winter of 1909 I came back East, and was for a while on the city staff of the Newark Morning Star. I left the Star to go on the stage with my father, Hal Reid, in ‘The Girl and the Ranger,’ and I worked with him on several other productions from his own pen.”Wallace Reid


Wallace Reid

“In May of 1910 I started into pictures with the Selig Company in Chicago, learning the camera and beginning to write scenarios. In November I returned East and took an assistant editorship with Motor Magazine, but the following May the call of the picture game grew too strong, and I left Motor, accepting an engagement with the Vitagraph Company, which lasted eleven months. After that I joined the Reliance, with whom I played four months. Then, as director Otis Turner’s assistant, and leading man, I came to California with the Universal Company. Last winter I wrote and directed all of the ‘Flying A’ second company productions, but I left them to return to the Universal Company. I am now directing and playing leads in my own stories for the Nestor brand of Universal.”Wallace Reid


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