William Wadsworth – photos and quotes

William Wadsworth

“I made my debut on the stage in 1894, appearing with Otis Skinner. I later appeared with Guy Bates Post, Annie Russell, Blanche Walsh, Modjeska, Mrs. Fiske and James K. Hackett. The was the good old days!”William Wadsworth, who worked briefly at the Edison Studios in the 1910s.

Source: Roberta Courtlandt (1914)


William Wadsworth 1914“There’s a certainty about pictures, and far more opportunity to improve one’s work. You play a part one week and think you’ve done great work. You pat yourself on the back, get all puffed up over it; then, when the picture is shown, you feel like crawling under a chair and howling like a lost dog. Consequently, next time you work harder and try to do better – knocks the vanity and conceit clean out of a fellow, this seeing yourself as others see you….I always study my parts before rehearsing. I don’t believe I care to answer the question of censorship of films, except so far as our own company is concerned. I believe that Mr. Plimpton knows what is best to produce, and I do not think censorship is necessary, with the better companies, for it is as much to their disadvantage to produce an immoral picture as to the public who sees it.”William Wadsworth

Source: Roberta Courtlandt (1914)

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