Eddie Lyons – photos and quotes

“I started out when I was a little bit of a kid in the Newsboys’ Quartet and I didn’t get much fun out of it. I just plugged along singing and dancing and acting on the vaudeville circuits until I joined a stock company in Chicago, and then it was just a see-saw of vaudeville and stock. Finally, I appeared on Broadway in ‘Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch,’ and after that I played in ‘Beverly of Graustark.’ That’s all as far as the legitimate is concerned. Interesting, is it not? I think NOT.”Eddie Lyons

Source: Richard Willis (1915)


Eddie Lyons

“I may sound sentimental, but I certainly do love my work. You couldn’t hire me to do anything else. Just as long as I am working I don’t care, and as for holidays, – huh – it is all holiday as far as I am concerned.”Eddie Lyons

Source: Richard Willis (1915)


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