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Hazards of Helen Helen Holmes 1914

“I don’t mind hanging over bridges and jumping from horses’ backs to runaway engines; it is rather fun. But what I hate is wearing these greasy old overalls. Someday I look forward to appearing in a photoplay where I can wear the most scrumptious clothes that anybody ever saw. I have them all planned in my mind right now.”Helen Holmes

Source: Alan Burden (1915)

Photo: The Hazards of Helen (1914)


Helen Holmes


Helen Holmes (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Helen Holmes on the cover of Photoplay Magazine (Bizarre Los Angeles)



Helen Holmes railroad trestle

“I have a pair of educated knees. I have learned to drop like a kitten. My body is all bruised and bumped and scarred from the falls I have had. The worst I ever had was in a trestles scene on the Glendale line. My part was to rescue a baby that was sitting on the track just before the train came over the bridge. I had never worked with a child before and it got on my nerves. Just before I started on the run across the bridge I asked the engineer of the train to stop if he saw I was slow in getting the child out of the way. ‘Stop!’ he said ‘Hell, I can’t stop! I can’t stop that train under three lengths.’ Had he told me that sooner I might have had time to brace my mind to it; but hearing this just as I started across the bridge shattered my nerves. I ran out and picked up the baby and started to jump. We were to leap from the bridge into a life net eighteen feet below. I wouldn’t think anything of a jump of eighteen feet by myself; but the child was so frightened that she became almost hysterical. This confused me so that I stood paralyzed on the edge of the trestle. The train was so near that I decided to throw the baby over into the net and take a chance on getting out of it somehow. But when I went to throw the baby she clung with both arms around my neck and screamed with terror. Then I completely lost my head and we would have been run over if it hadn’t been for the leading man, who literally threw us off the bridge and then jumped.”Helen Holmes

Source: Alan Burden (1915)

Photo: 1924. With Lassie Lou Ahern.






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