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Marguerite Clayton

“I never get fatigued making pictures. I love to work them out. That’s why I’m a film player.”Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)


“My folks are in Utah, and my father is a retired mining engineer, and none of them was ever connected with the stage in any form.”Marguerite Clayton in 1913


“I’ve no history whatever, but you can say, if you want to, that I was educated in a convent, and one day answered an ad of Mr. Anderson’s for a girl to play small parts. That’s why I’m here. I love in a cottage at Niles, and I never go to town, and I never want to.”Marguerite Clayton in 1913


“I intend to keep on working until I am at the top. If I could always be sure of as good a teacher as Mr. Anderson is, I am sure I’d have no doubts of getting there.”Marguerite Clayton in 1913


Broncho Billy Anderson and Marguerite Clayton _ Why Broncho Billy Left Bear County_1913

“How long have I been in pictures? About eighteen months. No; I never apprenticed the legitimate stage. You see, I began my career in pictures, and since, guided by the masterful directorship of Mr. Anderson, who writes all the ‘Broncho Billy’ stories himself, I have developed into a real leading lady.”Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)

Photo: Why Broncho Billy Left Bear County (1913). With ‘Broncho Billy’ Anderson.


Marguerite Clayton

“Realism is the real feature always. We must appear real and natural to convince the audience. Besides, you must remember, please, that my profession is indeed a serious business with me. There are many requisites absolutely demanded to depict a part faithfully. It is all acting – depicting a character true to life. Never does a picture artist get the opportunity to distract the audience with a single word to cover up a defect somewhere else.” — Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)


“Truthfully, [movie making] doesn’t give every woman the opportunity she desires. First of all, a woman must be prepared to endure hardships not demanded in other vocations, and she must ‘get away with’ them gracefully. She must possess personality. Of course I don’t mean great beauty, but a personal charm and attractiveness of manner capable of magnetizing her audience and making them love her. Personal charm spells success. Then, too, she must have talent that can be developed – some natural ability to do things in a true-to-life manner.” Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)

Photo: 1915



“Picture-players cannot hear their audience applaud their efforts to please, but we do get the benefit of the echo which measures our success or failure with our company. To win success on the screen, a woman must have talent to portray a character as a painter depicts a scene on canvas, in a convincing, forcible manner. Besides all that, she must possess ability – courage to attempt difficult feats that will make a scene real. Realism in pictures is demanded by the director and public alike. If a woman-artist cannot create a lasting impression on the minds of her audience, then she never can hope to attain any marked degree of success. It is the little characteristic mannerism of each individual that makes pictures enjoyable.” — Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)

Photo: 1914

Marguerite Clayton

“Personally, I know there are many women working in offices, stores and factories who could ‘make good’ in pictures because they possess personality. Of course they must have a trial to show their qualities. After that they must persist to please the director, and try, and keep on trying, to perfect each scene. A woman must study every character to be portrayed and strive to make it lifelike always. She must obey rules and regulations as set forth by her director. She must act her part naturally and appear unconscious of the camera, yet remember that it registers every move and gesture. And, above all else, she must have the incentive to reach the top rung of the ladder of success.”Marguerite Clayton

Source: Dr. A. L. Roat (1915)


Marguerite Clayton

Marguerite Clayton Rellenos de Queso de Gruyere Recipe


6 chile peppers

Swiss cheese, grated.

1/2 onion, chopped.


Lemon juice

4 eggs

1 teaspoon flour

Olive Oil

Tomato sauce, mild salsa, or enchilada sauce


Place six chile peppers in hot oven and bake until the outer skin blackens. Remove chiles, rinse in cold water, and peel the outer skin off. Cut off the tops and remove seeds and veins without touching them with your hands.

Add swiss cheese, chopped onion, and parsley in bowl and mix thoroughly. Add lemon juice to mixture and then fill each pepper with preparation to within a quarter inch of the top.

Beat four eggs in a separate bowl. Add a teaspoon of flour to thicken.

Dip each pepper into the egg batter and fry in hot olive oil until brown.

Add tomato sauce on top and serve.

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