Ben Turpin

Ben Turpin

“I always had a fondness for that kind of work, but several years ago I joined a circus troupe as a producing clown, and, naturally, that job gave me a chance to practice a line of neck-breakers. That’s really where I got my experience. I don’t rely much on science in taking falls, for really the most scientific tumbler in the world may easily hurt himself. My motto is: Throw yourself into the game and trust in Providence.”Ben Turpin


Ben Turpin Charles Chaplin“In my opinion, Ben Turpin is one of the few really good comedians in Motion Pictures.”Charles Chaplin


Ben Turpin and Phyllis Haver at the Beach. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Playing bagpipes for Phyllis Haver at the beach.



Ben Turpin in 1935. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

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