C. Gardner Sullivan – photos and quotes

C. Gardner Sullivan

“We can never break entirely away from the spoken drama, for while the fundamental difference between the two classes of dramatic construction lays in their manner of presentation, the photoplay can never be strictly pantomime, because the subtitle must substitute for the spoken word.”C. Gardner Sullivan, writer and producer.

Source: Alfred A. Cohn (1916)


C. Gardner Sullivan 1916“The future of this great art will be dependent on astounding locations, awe-inspiring spectacles, or vast armies of players in a single picture. The future of the photoplay lies in its march toward perfection as a delineator of human life – and here it will some day, equal, if it does not surpass, the novel. I want to be in this ‘march.'” — C. Gardner Sullivan

Source: Alfred A. Cohn (1916)


Dangerous Hours (1919). Bizarre Los Angeles

Dangerous Hours (1919). Directed by Fred Niblo.

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