E. H. Calvert – photos and quotes

E. H. Calvert

“When affection is amputated from the motion picture business some ideal productions are going to be seen. To keep performers from overplaying their parts is the director’s hardest task. Many seemingly cannot grasp the truth that natural acting is the finest of all acting.”E. H. Calvert

Source: I.S. Sayford (1916)


E.H. Calvert“I find that as a rule persons with long stage experience are easiest to handle before a camera. So soon as they become ‘camera broke’ they forget the machine is there, and that’s just what the director desires. The most difficult class of photoplayers to handle are those who, while without stage experience of training, have a natural ability for screen work and become stars in a short time. Some of these – not by any means all – show an inclination to strut as soon as they see a camera.”E.H. Calvert

Source: I.S. Sayford (1916)


E.H. Calvert“At the outset of motion pictures the big idea was that they would be a paying proposition because they would afford cheap entertainment for the poorer classes – educate them, help them, and so forth. Pass a first-class motion picture theater today. Note the limousines and electrics drawn up. The rich and cultured, the intellectual and the wealthy pleasure seeker, perforce have ‘joined in’ with the ‘poorer classes’ and flocked to the ‘movies.’ Not because of novelty – that wore off long ago; but because of the superiority of this class of entertainment over others. A superiority which obviously will increase as time passes.”E. H. Calvert

Source: I.S. Sayford (1916)

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