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Marjorie Daw Geraldine FarrarMiss Farrar saw me one night in ‘Out of Darkness,’ which I did with Charlotte Walker. She said very nice things to me next day when I met her at the studio. I had been worshiping her a long time, of course, like all the girls at the studio, and I used to walk back and forth in front of her dressing room and listen to her practicing. Then one day she was going by my dressing room, and she heard me singing. She rapped and asked if she might come in. I was awfully embarrassed, especially as my dressing-table was topsy-turvy, but Miss Farrar only smiled and said, ‘You ought to see mine sometimes,’ and that made me feel all right. She made me sing for her right then and there. I was so frightened I’m sure my voice cracked some, but she seemed to like it. She was just divine, gave me a number of lessons herself, and promised to see that I have vocal lessons.”Marjorie Daw

Source: Grace Kingsley (1916)

Photo: Bain News Service (1915)

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Young Marjorie Daw


“I study at home: arithmetic and English and history and French, especially the French, which I shall need when I go into opera. I read all the big operas, too. No, I should never care for musical comedy. I love serious things. I saw Olga Petrova in a vampire part, and now I’m just crazy to be what our publicity man calls a ‘vamp.'”Marjorie Daw

Source: Grace Kingsley (1916)

Photo: Raymond Stagg (1915)


Marjorie Daw Chandler Daw“Why, they let me take Scene No. 55 in ‘Chimmie Fadden Out West,’ and it came out all right. At home, Chandler [her brother] and I are always playing pictures. I write the scenarios and dress my dolls up, and Chandler directs while I turn the camera. My dolls are Geraldine Farrar and Mary Pickford and Marguerite Clark and Blanche Sweet and a lot of others. But when it comes to expressing things with their faces – well! You know how discouraging and stary dolls are. And I myself imitate Lillian Gish and Marguerite Clark and the others before my mirror. But it’s awfully hard to make myself look like them, And as for Miss Farrar, I just can’t get the Spanish motions. I broke my fan the other day trying to.”Marjorie Daw

Source: Grace Kingsley (1916)

Photo: Raymond Stagg (1915)


Marjorie Daw“I long to swim in a picture! In fact, I look forward to being really ship-wrecked some time, so that I can swim away out by myself, and find a desert island, like ‘Treasure Island,’ which is my favorite book.”Marjorie Daw

Source: Grace Kingsley (1916)


Marjorie Daw“Oh, yes, and be sure to say that Chandler and I have nearly a zoo at home. There are two cats, some goldfishes, a green turtle, and I’m going to get a canary for Christmas. I can’t have a dog because I live in a flat. My green turtle is a very high-grade turtle, the kind they make soup of. But, of course, I couldn’t think of ever seeing him boiled. I had his brother, too, but he died, and I buried him in a perfume box. I warmed him up every fifteen minutes, all one night, but it seemed nothing could save him.”Marjorie Daw

Source: Grace Kingsley (1916)


Marjorie Daw (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Marjorie Daw

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