Nell Craig – photos and quotes

Nell Craig

“There’s nothing to tell. I’m just plain Nell Craig, and no matter how successful I become, my hat will still fit on.” Nell Craig

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1917)


Nell Craig“Well, my home is in Philadelphia, and I started in stick there. Then I spend a year with Lubin; from there I did second business with Pathe, and now I am doing feature leads for Essanay.”Nell Craig

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1917)


Nell Craig“You know, I’ve been dieting, and I don’t feel any too well. Yes, I am getting pretty stout, and let me tell you although fat is scarcely a pleasant topic of conversation, it’s wa wise picture-actress who keeps thin. Why, some of the very greatest have been ruined by fat, that’s all.”Nell Craig

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1917)


Nell Craig (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Once I was carried down a ladder from the top of a burning building that furnished a nice thrill to the audience and more than a thrill to myself. My rescuer’s knees got to shaking – movie buildings are not very substantial, any way – and his quaking limbs shook the side of the house. It would really have been safer if I had carried him instead of him lugging me, but I had to act the part of a limp and fainting lady. My rescuer’s trembling communicated its vibrations to me, and when we finally got to the bottom we both had a nice little nervous chill to go with our thrill.”Nell Craig

Source: 1916


Nell Craig“I prefer emotional parts, not simpering ingenue parts. I wasn’t made for them, and, do you know, seriously…I think that being cast properly is the secret of many successes. Every time you find a great success, you will discover that that man and woman are always under the same director, who thoroughly understands their capabilities and weaknesses and always casts them in suitable parts. Oh, I tell you, careless casting is the greatest mistake in the movie world. I think a director should have his regular leading man and woman – that would do away with jealousy; and then, naturally, trying first one director and then another is bound to affect one’s work.”Nell Craig

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1917)


Nell Craig The Primitive Strain“I must tell a joke on myself. I went to the movies to see myself, the other evening and a woman came in and sat down in back of me. When my name was flashed, she fairly groaned, ‘There, now; my evening’s spoilt; I just hate Nell Craig!’ Needless to tell you, I went home pretty discouraged, but next day I received a batch of letters, and they were all so sweet I felt quite encouraged again. I tell you, we need encouragement, and we appreciate all the kind things the public say about us.”Nell Craig

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1917)

The Primitive Strain (1916)



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