Pat O’Malley

Pat O'Malley

“Pictures have changed my viewpoint of life. I begin to see it from more sides – rather from the eyes, I might say, of the different characters I play. You will, perhaps, think that that is my imagination, but I hardly believe it is. One really can live some different experiences if he actually lives the part. And as for the excitement, they seem to have a play on tap for me often enough – some ‘Out of the Ruins’ where I have to carry a girl over the house tops on a rope, or a ‘Kind of the Wire’ where I do a slack-rope walk. But my tastes now are more of the book and pipe order in a cozy corner, although I take great pleasure automobiling and riding still. Maybe these quieter tastes are signs of oncoming age, and, I hope photoplayers won’t find my work disappointing if I don’t continue to do thrills and shivery things.”Pat O’Malley

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