Thomas Meighan – photos and quotes

“Tell them that my name is pronounced as if it were spelled “Mee-an.’ with the accent on the first syllable. To those who don’t call me ‘Mee-gun,’ I’m usually ‘My-gan.’ They get it every way but right.”Thomas Meighan

Source: Johnstone Craig (1917)


Thomas Meighan“I had been to California repeatedly; I had been in contact with picture men in England and picture men in New York, and, like long-eared Maud, I had been obstinately refusing to begin until Mrs. Silas started for the wheelbarrow. I might have been a photoplay pioneer; as it was, I didn’t get into the procession until it was going past the post office on Main Street.”Thomas Meighan

Source: Johnstone Craig (1917)


If you Believe It, It's So Thomas Meighan

If You Believe It, It’s So (1922). A lost film.


Homeward Bound 1923

Homeward Bound (1923). With Lila Lee.


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