William Russell – photos and quotes

William Russell

“It was in 1904. I was always strong for athletics and entered into the sports at the college with more seriousness than I put into my studies….After Fordham, I went to McFadden’s Institute and graduated from there. Then I taught boxing for awhile as a diversion at an athletic club, then went on the stage.”William Russell

Source: Mabel Condon (1913)


William Russell“Honestly, I never forget how proud I felt when one particularly pretty young lady of at least four years old came up and threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Right then and there I decided prize fighting was the noblest profession in the world.”William Russell


William Russell 1916

“Boxing’s great stuff for anybody – boy or girl.”William Russell


William Russell

“I’ve had some opportunity for athletic work in pictures but not as much as I’d like.”William Russell

Source: Mabel Condon (1913)


Lois Lee and William Russell in "The Lincoln Highwayman" (1919). Bizarre Los Angeles

The Lincoln Highwayman (1919). With Lois Lee.

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