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Ida May Park Dorothy Phillips

“It was because directing seemed so utterly unsuited to a woman, that I refused the first company offered me. I don’t know why I looked at it in that way, either. A woman can bring to this work splendid enthusiasm and imagination; a natural love of detail and an intuitive knowledge of character. All of these are supposed to be feminine traits, and yet they are all necessary to the successful director. Of course, in order to put on a picture, a woman must have broadness of viewpoint, a sense of humor, and firmness of character – there are times when every director must be something of a martinet – but these characteristics are necessary to balance the others.”Ida May Park 

Source: Frances Denton (1918)

Photo: On the set of The Rescue (1917) with Dorothy Phillips.


Ida May Park


“Directing is a recreation to me, and I want my people to do good work because of their regard for me and not because I browbeat them into it.”Ida May Park

Source: Frances Denton (1918)


Ida May Park“I believe in choosing distinct types and then seeing that the actor puts his own personality into his part, instead of making every part in a picture reflect my personality.”Ida May Park

Source: Frances Denton (1918)


Ida May Clark 1916“Being perfectly normal, I don’t like housework.”Ida May Park

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