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Madge Kennedy – photos and quotes

Madge Kennedy

“I have worked steadily from 9 a.m. unto 6:30 p.m. for the last two weeks under those powerful Cooper-Hewitts; and that’s what it does to one’s eyes. It is very painful, but, fortunately, doesn’t last long. And, do you know, I am so enthusiastic about picture-making that I’m here, on hand every moment. I’m glad I’m going to be in pictures for two years. You know, when you on the stage you simply exist in that atmosphere – you never get away from it. You rehearse, you act, you read plays, and if you do have a day off, you go to see some other stage success – you seldom meet anyone but other actors, who also talk theater. I feel that pictures will keep me from getting stale. They will give me a new viewpoint – give me more time to read and perhaps do dramatic parts instead of perpetual farce. I wish always to be creating something new.”Madge Kennedy

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)

Photo: 1918


Madge Kennedy“Money, beautiful sables, diamonds, luxuries, etc., mean nothing to me in themselves. The only value, in my mind, that money has is that it is a measure of one’s artistic expression. I value money only because it is a means of furthering one’s aims in life. For instance, money can purchase instruction in French, singing, dancing. It can buy automobiles that will take me to the studio, etc., so that it keeps me from getting so terribly tired. It can buy clothes that will help make my plays successful, etc. That is the only reason I value money – as a means to an end, not for what it brings in.”Madge Kennedy

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Madge Kennedy“My mother and I (I have the most wonderful mother in the world – she is so understanding!) spent a summer at Siasconset, which is an actors’ colony. Harry Woodruff was there that summer and took an interest in me. He coached me in some private theatricals, and suggested that I try the stage, so I started via the stock company route.”Madge Kennedy

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Madge Kennedy“I feel as if I give the greatest part of my life to the public. I am glad to do it, glad to tell them all they want to know about my career, but one likes to have just a little of her home life sacred from public gaze.”Madge Kennedy

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)


Madge Kennedy“There is nothing so wonderful in all the world as for two people to be married when they are young. The most worthwhile thing in the world is the marriage of two congenial souls while they are both young and can be perfect comrades. All the money in the world, all the fame is worth nothing if one hasn’t love.” Madge Kennedy

Source: Hazel Simpson Naylor (1918)




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