Reginald Barker

Reginald Barker

“I believe that no other industry in the world offers better opportunities just now to the college and university trained man than that of the motion picture. This is a young man’s game and it pays well. Five thousand dollar a year salaries are common; $10,000 a year is not extraordinary, many men make $25,000 and not a few $50,000. Fortunes are to be made by men of unusual ability and strong character just as in any other manufacturing business. It is not a question of stage experience or the possession of peculiar talents but merely a matter of energy, education and intelligence.”Reginald Barker, director

Source: E.V. Durling (1918)


The Flaming Forest 1926

The Flaming Forrest (1926). With Antonio Moreno and Renée Adorée

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