Charles Ogle – photos and quotes

Charles Ogle

“Personally, I always have lines for the part, and I always say them as if they would get over the footlights.”Charles Ogle

Source: L. Case Russell (1912)

“I like this far better than the stage. As I told you, I am lazy. I come here at nine, and leave at five. Perhaps I rehearse and pose, on and off, several hours – perhaps I am not called upon all day, though I must be ready at any moment. I have never heard a successful picture player say he wanted to go back. Those who cannot make good in the business, do not like it naturally. There is a big field, here, for any actor – he is bound to improve his work, for he can realize Burns’ wish and ‘see himself as others see him,’ and he can see where he fell short – where he didn’t ‘put it over,’ as we say. We have to see our work every Wednesday night, and we learn a lot.”Charles Ogle

Source: L.Case Russell (1912)

Frankenstein (1910)


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