Dolores Cassinelli

Dolores Cassinelli 1912

“I’ve been an actress for only three months….it seems like yesterday that I came to this big city and started in doing ‘super’ parts for the Essanay Company. I had no previous experience, unless a fondness to impersonate every actress I had seen counted for anything. Everybody was most kind to me in the studio, and I always kept these thoughts before me: Look pretty, have all thoughts on what you are playing, and be all attention to the director….Now, you see, I am doing ‘second business,’ and have played everything from maids to leads.”Dolores Cassinelli in 1912


Dolores Cassinelli (Bizarre Los Angeles)


"Tarnished Reputations" (1920) with Dolores Cassinelli (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Tarnished Reputation (1920)

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