Florence Lawrence – photos and quotes

Florence Lawrence

“I love to go into a Photoshow and sit unknown, among the audience, watching the effect that my pictured acting has upon them; but I do that as a study rather than a gratification to my feelings, though, of course, I am pleased when I see that they like my efforts. I enjoy all my work when I am in the right mood, but it’s hard to act tragedy when one feels like comedy, or vice versa – and I always dislike rehearsing.”Florence Lawrence in 1911

Photo: 1908


Florence Lawrence 1908“I love the country, the seaside, the mountains, the farm are equally dear to me. I enjoy walking and swimming, and I adore a baseball game. Automobiling is delightful, especially in the country. Once the report spread abroad that I had been killed in an auto accident and I was compelled to go to St. Louis to prove myself alive.”Florence Lawrence in 1911

Photo: 1908




Florence Lawrence“Some days I do not pose at all; other days the work continues into the wee sma’ hours. I do not care for social functions, and in leisure time enjoy the opera, the regular drama, or the Photoplay. I delight in reading the old writers, especially Lytton and Thackeray, – I also like needlework.”Florence Lawrence in 1911

Photo: 1911


Snare of Society 1911 Florence Lawrence

The Snare of Society (1911). With Arthur V. Johnson.


One on Reno (1911) with  Albert V. Johnson and Florence Lawrence. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

One on Reno (1911) with  Albert V. Johnson and Florence Lawrence.


Florence Lawrence


Florence Lawrence

“I like the people I meet and work with in Motion Pictures. They’re frank and honest and sincere. I like the work, too, for there are no stage tricks about it; everything must be done absolutely naturally. There is less talking in the pictures now, which is a great improvement. The players must think and convey their thoughts by facial expression. It is wonderful training. Then I love the outdoor life, the long rides, the scenery, the pleasant companionships, and we have our easy times while the poor director is hunting around for suitable scenery.”Florence Lawrence

Source: Gladys Roosevelt (1913)


Florence Lawrence

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