Jean Acker – photos and quotes

Jean Acker

“I’m fond of life, fond of work, fond of sports – especially baseball – and fond of society, when I’m in the mood for it. Yes, I have a nickname. My friends call me Billie.”Jean Acker in 1912.


Jean Acker Butch“On Sundays, I answer to the name of Miss Jean Acker, and week days I’m just Billie. I was with Lubin about one year, and had been with Imp about eight months. I was born in St. Louis, not Joplin, Missouri. No, I won’t tell you my age, and I am not married – just happy. I attended school at St. Mary’s Seminary, Springfield, New Jersey.”Jean Acker in 1913


Jean Acker“My parents were Spanish. I am five feet three and weigh 121 pounds. I write a lot, principally photoplays. I want to be a business woman, but I’m not a suffragette. I love music, both sing and play; am a baseball fan, and always root for the Giants. Very fond of horseback riding.” — Jean Acker in 1913


Jean Acker“I played with Howard Lee, in a strong drama, and was with Louis L. Hall stock company for one season. Also played in vaudeville. I missed the glare of the footlights for awhile, but not now. I love the pictures much better than the stage. I always see the plays I appear in….I want to make a reputation in the pictures; then I’m going to retire; maybe in Europe. I spent several years there when I was a little girl, and I want to return someday. Oh, those Paris gowns!”Jean Acker in 1913


Jean Acker“I spend three or four hours posing. In the evening, I read, or write, or go to the theater – when anyone will take me. I enjoy Browning most of any writer.”Jean Acker in 1912


Jean Acker“I am very fond of reading, but my chief hobby is sleeping. Can’t get enough sleep. Funniest thing I ever heard of, but it’s a fact. That and my dimple. Spent years developing it. I spent lots of money on books and professional advice on ‘First Aid to Dimples.’ Do I love my work? I should say I do. I spend about three to four hours a day at the studio. I don’t mind rehearsing at all. I’d rather jump from a moving train or ride a motorcycle 50 miles an hour or take ride in an aeroplane than eat. Excitement? You bet! Once I dived from the top of an ocean liner, and, in coming to the surface, I swan under a boat. Believe me, for a moment, I was frightened.” Jean Acker in 1913


“I can’t say that I am crazy about walking. It takes too long to get anywhere that way.”Jean Acker in 1912


“Light comedy is my preferred line of acting.”Jean Acker in 1912





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