Laura Sawyer – photos and quotes

Laura Sawyer

“From a child, I have always loved the works of Shakespeare and were the matter of choice left to me, I would play no other parts. Next to those of the great Bard of Avon, I love the plays dealing with the great American middle class – if such class distinction is permissible – the great mass of people who are the very foundation of our wonderful country.”Laura Sawyer in 1913

Laura Sawyer

“I’m afraid I’m not very athletic, though I do enjoy dancing and horseback riding when I can find time for them. Most of all, though, I love good music and books, and am living in hopes for a time when I may have more leisure than at present to devote to them.”Laura Sawyer in 1913


Laura Sawyer“Interested in woman suffrage? Not at all. It’s too big a subject for a busy woman like myself. I love my work and am happy when I’m filling a role that I feel will be well received by audiences that are coming more and more to appreciate good work among the silent actors.”  Laura Sawyer in 1913

“The abnormal woman, either on or off the stage, is to me an abomination, and I can find no real pleasure in depicting these, though in my four years before the camera I have often been compelled to do so.” — Laura Sawyer in 1913

Romance of the Cliff Dwellers (1911)




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