Lottie Briscoe – photo and quotes

Lottie Briscoe

“I can tell you how I spend my evenings – answering letters from stagestruck girls.”Lottie Briscoe in 1912


Lottie Briscoe“I enjoy my work, every minute of it, every day of it, and consider acting in pictures ever so much harder than on the stage. But I’d much rather do it, for there is constant novelty and change that makes every day different from the others. Yes, it is quite true that I have have had an offer to head a company abroad such as Gene Gauntier, Helen Gardner and Marion Leonard have in this country, and Florence Turner is about to have in England, but I love my work here and my friends, and Mr. Johnson gives me such fine opportunities that I should have to be sure of much more to be tempted to make the change. Hobby? Why, I don’t think I have one, unless it is my work, although I do find a great deal of rest and recreation in my music. I have the dearest baby-grand piano, which I am much attached to. It was made for me some years ago from my own design. Of course, I love the opera, but can enjoy that only in the winter. In the summer, I transfer my enthusiasm to baseball. We have a fine Lubin team.”Lottie Briscoe in 1913

Lottie Briscoe“I am not a suffragette – yet. I may join the cause, though, as soon as I make up my mind, but I’ll never approve of such methods as the English militants resort to.”Lottie Briscoe in 1913

Lottie Briscoe“As to the future of Motion Pictures, we are just past the kindergarten stage, you know, but the time is coming when we shall hear operas like ‘Il Trovatore’ and ‘Aida,’ by means of the kinetophone and see Caruso and Mary Garden on the screen.”Lottie Briscoe in 1913


Lottie Briscoe relaxed

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