Mae Hotely – photos and quotes

Mae Hotely

“I enjoy every bit of my work. I do not even dread the rehearsals. I left the ‘regular’ stage for the Motion Pictures about five years ago, and do not regret it. I consider picture acting more difficult, because, if one makes a mistake on the regular stage tonight, it can be rectified tomorrow night, but no mistakes must be made before the camera.”Mae Hotely in 1912


Mae Hotely“I am a Christian Scientist, so I am interested in all good. I think the Motion Pictures is one of the most potent agencies for good in our modern life. It provides instruction and wholesome, innocent entertainment for the masses of the people.”Mae Hotely in 1912


Mae Hotely may well be admitted to be the star comedienne of the several Lubin stock companies. Every week the firm releases a picture story in which she is the central figure. If you see a suffragette, a comedy old woman, or agressive mother-in-law, that is Mae Hotely. She is an actress of considerable ability, but has won her advancement more in the silent drama than upon the stage. She is so enthusiastic over the work that she has no desire to change. Miss Hotely is a French woman born in Paris and educated at the Convent of Notre Dame, but now by adoption a thorough American. She is a clever horsewoman and rough rider. —  The Day Book in 1914

[NOTE: She was born in Maryland.]

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