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Ormi Hawley

“Sometimes I miss the footlights and applause but on the whole I like the Photoplay best. No, I do not dislike rehearsing – it means success. I try to see all the Photoplays in which I appear, and find every chance for improvement….Anything can be improved!”Ormi Hawley in 1912



Ormi Hawley“Well, to begin with, I began my career in Springfield, Massachusetts, about eight years ago, with a stock company, and later filled similar engagements. Two years ago, I joined Mr. Lubin’s forces, and, of course, everyone knows pictures knows how much I owe to the splendid chances Mr. Lubin has given me. It is a pleasure to call oneself a Lubinite, for the governor is so very considerate of us all.”Ormi Hawley in 1913


Ormi Hawley snake“As you see, we are called upon to do almost everything, and the director never expects ‘no’ for an answer. One of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had occurred last winter in Florida. We were taking ‘The Judgment of the Deep,’ and while half a mile out at sea, awaiting the signal to row in towards the camera, my oars snapped and I began to drift out to sea, there was a dash down to the beach. When my plight was realized and I began to drift out to sea, there was dash down to the beach…Well, here I am, but, really it was an agonizing experience while it lasted. We photoplayers don’t mind a little thing like that.”Ormi Hawley in 1913


Ormi Hawley smiling“I love my work and am fond of my fellow players. My intimate friends call me ‘Bunny.’ Why? Well, really, I don’t know.”Ormi Hawley in 1913


Ormi Hawley“My chief amusements are fencing, swimming and motoring in the order mentioned. Oh, and don’t forget tennis-playing. You know, I have a court in my back yard, and if anyone should peep in after a busy day at the studio, some of the Lubin favorites could be seen hitting the ball or chatting at the tea-table.”Ormi Hawley in 1913


Ormi Hawley Magazine Cover 1913



“I want to be serious for just a minute. It’s about the scores and scores of girls all over the country who are dreaming of a career in Motion Pictures. Letters pour in upon me in quantities beyond my power to answer, and the substance of them all is: ‘How can I become a screen player?’ The girls, for the most part, fondly imagine a life of pleasure. They see their favorite photoplayer time after time and dream of her as a favored being, who spends her life as the principal in a sympathetic situation, whose path is strewn with roses, who has little to do except dash off pretty notes and autograph portraits and ring for a maid to come and dress her in the latest importation. Is it any wonder these foolish, short-sighted girls long to see themselves doing these things? Poor children, they never see the other side; they never know that for every morsel of success the actress pays, and pays dearly. It is one sacrifice from beginning to end. I might mention just one feature – the hours of irksome rehearsals, doing the same thing over and over again for the benefit of someone who doesn’t catch on to what the director wants. Now don’t…think that I take myself too seriously or that I never look the brighter side. I am optimistic, and, I think, well-balanced. I know that the truest happiness comes from work, and I am thankful I have my health and my spirits to help me express my joy to others through the pictures on the screen.”Ormi Hawley in 1913




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