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Eddie Cantor – photos and quotes

Eddie Cantor

“Well, folks, they got me in the market just like they got everybody else. In fact, they’re not calling it the stock market any more. They’re calling it the ‘stuck’ market.”Eddie Cantor in 1929.



Eddie Cantor candid Kid from Spain“Words fascinate me. They always have. For me, browsing a dictionary is like being turned loose in a bank.”Eddie Cantor and American bullfighter Sidney Franklin, looking over a passage from Ernest Hemingway‘s Death in the Afternoon while on the set of The Kid from Spain (1932).




Eddie Cantor (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“[Will] Rogers was my grammar school, high school and college. He taught me that the world doesn’t end at the stage door and that politics are every man’s business, actors not excluded. He kept on giving me an education as long as he lived.”Eddie Cantor on why he read the newspapers for comedy/social comment material. It was a practice that served Will Rogers well. Cantor would later lose radio sponsors and be threatened with censorship for speaking out against Hitler a few years before the United States entered WWII.


Cinematographer Gregg Toland sits next to the camera as Eddie Cantor and the Goldwyn Girls rehearse a musical number for Strike Me Pink (1936). The dancer in black is Dona Drake. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Cinematographer Gregg Toland sits next to the camera as Eddie Cantor and the Goldwyn Girls rehearse a musical number for Strike Me Pink (1936). The dancer in black is Dona Drake.


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