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Jack Holt

“I’ve seen a lot of people come and go in this business. Good people, too. When I first noticed that fans tired of personalities but never of pictures, I began to wonder why. Maybe this isn’t it, but movies were made to move. That was their first and inherent appeal. Then sound came along and dialogue slowed them up to a walk. Most production moved indoors and a lot of life went out of pictures. I felt that there would always be a good market for fast, simple action drama aimed at the eye and not so much at the ear. I switched to that type of picture and have had good luck with it.”Jack Holt

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1940)


Photo possibly from the lost 1919 silent film A Midnight Romance, starring Anita Stewart and Jack Holt. One of the film’s locations was the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles

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Bought and Paid for 1922Bought and Paid For (1922). With Agnes Ayres.


Jack Holt

“Say it with cigarettes. A cigarette will awaken any Indian but a dead one. And once you haul out a pack of ‘smokes’ and let an Indian take one, you are his friend for life.”Jack Holt

Source: 1925


Behind the Mask 1932

Behind the Mask (1932). With Boris Karloff and Constance Cummings.


Jack Holt 1939“Lately, I’ve made only six pictures a year. They are not pretentious but a large section of the public likes them, demands entertainment of that sort. Let’s call them just bread-and-butter pictures. Not so fancy, but in the long run more palatable than caviar.” Jack Holt

Source: H.H. Niemeyer (1940)

Photo: Whispering Enemies (1939)


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