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Los Angeles photos in the 1950s

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Los Angeles photos in the 1950s.

Above: Downtown in 1950.


Traffic Jam 1950

A traffic jam on Figueroa Street facing Sunset, circa 1950.


Chateau Marmont Traffic jam

A house being moved past the Chateau Marmont (8221 Sunset Blvd.) in 1950, gets stuck on Marmont Lane. It took hours for movers to squeeze the house past a telephone pole, and they did it by rocking the house to and fro. (LAPL 00068660) 


Prospect Studio

ABC-KECA TV (now KABC) on the air in 1951. The location was the old (pre-Burbank) Vitagraph/Warner Bros. studio at 4151 Prospect Avenue. Today, the site is known as the Prospect Studio. (LAPL 00095953)


South Broadway Street 1950s

Traveling along South Broadway Street, north of 9th Street, in 1951. (LAPL 00104599).


Flooding Jefferson Blbd 1951

Jefferson Blvd. in 1951. (LAPL 00028449)


Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles, taken from City Hall in 1952.


Beverly Drive

Beverly Drive in 1952.


Hungry for Hungarian? In the early 1950s, the place to dine on the Sunset Strip was the Little Gypsy Restaurant at 8917 Sunset Blvd.


A lost residential neighborhood on Odin Street, circa 1954. It's now part of the Hollywood Bowl's parking lot. (LAPL 00041564) Bizarre Los AngelesA lost residential neighborhood on Odin Street, circa 1954. It’s now part of the Hollywood Bowl’s parking lot. (LAPL 00041564)


Los Angeles City Hall Navy Blimp 1954

A Navy dirigible gathers smog samples in downtown Los Angeles, circa 1954. (Coy Watson Photos / LAPL 00050664)


Pilgrim Place 1954

“Founded in 1915 as a ‘home’ for Christian missionaries on furlough, Pilgrim Place [located on Mayflower Street in Claremont] has expanded its mission over the years to provide quality housing and services for persons with careers in religious or humanitarian, non-profit organizations who share a concern for a more peaceful, just world and ‘walking gently on the God’s earth.'” — Pilgrim Place.

Photo c. 1954. LAPL


Hollywood Freeway Vermont Ave 1950s

The Vermont Ave. exit off the Hollywood Freeway, c. 1950s.


Los Angeles' Chinatown, circa 1950s. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

Chinatown in the 1950s.

Sell Art Online


Crawford's Giant Shopping Center

Crawford’s Village Store in El Monte at Five Points (corner of Valley and Garvey).


September 1955

I’m thinking this photo might have been taken at the Burbank Airport, circa 1954-1955.


1955 Los Angeles Police Facilities Building

A hallway inside the Los Angeles Police Facilities Building (aka”The Glass House,” aka Parker Center), located on the corner of 1st and Los Angeles Street, in 1955.

The building itself was designed by Welton Becket. Looking at the picture, there are perforated Fenestra panels on the left, which were used as restraining barriers in the jail section. Prisoners could look through the panels to see outside; however, the panels made it practically impossible for people on the outside to see into the building.

When the building opened, the police department began conducting tours, and in 1966, it was renamed Parker Center, in memory of William H. Parker, who served as Chief of Police during the construction.

Over the years, Parker Center appeared in numerous television cop/lawyer shows, such as Dragnet, Perry Mason and Hunter; it also was the scene of an early demonstration during the Rodney King trial; however, over time, the building was considered dated and a newer police facilities building was constructed in 2009 to take Parker Center’s place.

On January 15, 2013, Parker Center officially closed and an Environmental Impact Report was in the works, which will no doubt play a key role in determining the building’s fate (if it hasn’t already).


Broadway Street 7th 1956

Broadway looking toward 7th Street in 1956. (Photographer: Mildred L. Harris. LAPL 00110059)


African-American children Los AngelesYoung African-American children in Los Angeles, circa 1950s.


Dairy Queen San Fernando Valley

The opening of a Dairy Queen in 1957 at 11334 Moorpark Street in Studio City, now the site of the Girasol Restaurant. (LAPL 00021847)


LA Riverbed racing


Drag racing in the concrete Los Angeles riverbed. Photo probably came from a Life Magazine shoot in 1957.


Bell Motel 1126 East Colorado St.

A 1957 postcard for the long gone Bell Motor Hotel, once located at 1126 East Colorado St. in Glendale.


1957 garbage trucks

Los Angeles showing off its new fleet of garbage trucks in 1957! (LAPL 00060216)


Smog in downtown Los Angeles, December 11, 1958.

Smog in downtown Los Angeles, December 11, 1958. 


Cave Club waitresses

These waitresses once worked at the Cave Club, a nightclub that opened in April 1959. According to liquor license permits, the Cave Club’s address was 8511 Beverly Place.

Photo: Ralph Morris (the club’s proprietor)
LAPL: 00008823


Broadway Street 1959

Broadway and 7th Streets, around 1959. The State Theatre (703 S. Broadway) is showing Ben-Hur.


forced eviction

Thirty-six-year-old Aurora Vargas was forcibly evicted from her home at 1771 Malvina Avenue in the Chavez Ravine in May of 1959. At the time, local residents were required to leave their neighborhood so that the land could be developed into Dodger Stadium. (LAPL 00041424)



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