Santa Catalina Island 1953

Santa Catalina Island photos

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Pictures of Santa Catalina Island thru the years. Above photo: 1953.


Catalina Island campers 1800s

“Camp Clemente,” a temporary campground somewhere on Catalina Island in the late 1800s.


Catalina Island Sea Bass 1900

A monster-size black sea bass weighing 384-pounds was caught with a rod and reel off Catalina Island by Franklin Schenck of Brooklyn, NY. Photo dated August 17, 1900. It set a world record at that time.


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(Hotel Metropole) (1888-1915) was begun by George Shatto in 1888. After the Bannings purchased the island in 1892, a number of additions and improvements were made: 1892 first cupola 1893 east wing 1896 west wing 1897 ballroom annex 1898-1902 second cupola 1902 sea wall 1902-1903 glass sun-parlor 1913 barber shop 1915 shoe-shining November 29, 1915 the hotel burned in the Avalon fire. Today’s Hotel Metropole is on the site of the original Metropole.

The Hotel Metropole was constructed in 1888 by George Shatto. After the Banning family purchased the island in 1892, they expanded the size of the building. It later burned to the ground on November 29, 1915.


A view of Avalon from the S.S. Cabrillo, which began transporting visitors from San Pedro to Catalina Island in 1904. Ahead is the Hotel Metropole, which was destroyed by fire in 1915. (Bizarre Los Angeles)A view of Avalon from the S.S. Cabrillo, which began transporting visitors from San Pedro to Catalina Island in 1904.


Catalina Kids

Kids on the island in 1905.


Catalina Island Avalon 1906

Fishing in 1906.


Catalina Island photographer

A photographer on the beach at Avalon Bay, circa 1906.


Catalina Island steeds

A surreal photograph from the Banning era.


Santa Catalina Glass Bottom Boat

A glass bottom boat ride, circa 1909.


Boy jew fish 1909

A young boy sitting inside the mouth of a jewfish, captured in 1909. The pic says the boy’s name was Johna [sic], Jr.


Monster fish 1910

Monstrous sunfish caught by W.M. McMillan of East Africa at Catalina Island,  on April 1, 1910. The weight of the sunfish was estimated to be 3,500 pounds (1600 kg).

Photo: Library of Congress


A 1912 postcard view of Avalon.


A Santa Catalina Stage Coach Ride (Bizarre Los Angeles)

A stage coach ride on the island in the 1910s.


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Catalina Island 1920s

An island visitor, wearing the latest polka dot swimwear of the 1920s.

A happy visitor in 1924.

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Glass bottom Boat Catalina Island

Tourists looking at the Catalina Island Marine Gardens while taking a glass bottom boat ride, c. 1930


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