Una Merkel – photos and quotes

Una Merkel

“No one could call me beautiful, but both the public and I like to see beautiful girls…so it will be better for me if I am cast in comedy roles…where they are not thinking how you look all the time.”Una Merkel


Una Merkel“Ah have to keep mahself fit physically — keep interested — and see that every effort is a fresh one. The mental angle out here is very important. Ah feel that it is a life-preserver to believe that whatever is, is best. So ah try to keep telling mahself that all will be well. Ah know that one only defeats oneself by worrying — and if ah am to be defeated, ah want someone else to do it.”Una Merkel in 1938.

Quote (and Kentucky drawl) courtesy of Hollywood columnist Inez Wallace.



Artist: Henry Major. Year: pre-1948. 6 ½” x 10 ¼” pencil sketch.

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