Audrey Ferris

Audrey Ferris

Audrey Ferris (1909-1990)

* Studied violin
* Attended Hollywood High School
* Came from a broken home. Her father had deserted the family when she was very young.


While it is unclear why her film career didn’t last long (after all, she was signed in 1927 at a time when silents were transitioning to talkies), I did find an interesting blurb about her in the newspaper archive that might have provided a hint. The following excerpt comes from an article dated Feb 12, 1928:

The baby stars are all aflutter these days in anticipation of their “coming out” party to be staged by the Wampas at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, February 25 [1928]. They’re eager excited and expectant. Little flares of temperament burst out occasionally, too. While they were being photographed as a group, Audrey Ferris persisted in holding up one hand in a cute little posture. The hand stopped in front of Sue Carrol’s face. Twice that little Chicago girl protested. Finally, she said, sharply,” Miss Ferris, will you please lower your hand a trifle!”

That hand came down but the other one came up. This time it stopped in front of the face of June Collyer. Then Audrey met her Waterloo.

“Cut it out, kid!” exclaimed June. “I got enough of that when you was tryin’ to work with me on the Warner lot!”

And June, herself, slammed down the offending digits in a manner not exactly ladylike, but effective.

Just temperament.

Photo: Preston Duncan



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