Dolores Brinkman

Dolores Brinkman

“A little blond girl with a distinct personality and a beauty of the kind one associates with youth, is about to be recognized at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios. Here name is Dolores Brinkman and she has been doing extra work for several years without causing any particular stir. Then she did a bit for Lucien Hubbard in ‘The Mysterious Island’ and photographed so well that her part was instantly built up. I watched her work and certainly her long months of apprenticeship haven’t hurt her in the least. She seems to take to every situation like a duck to water. I have an idea we shall hear from this little girl. All she needed was the chance and that was given her by Hubbard.” — Louella O. Parsons in 1928


Dolores Brinkman (Bizarre Los Angeles)

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