Elinor Fair

Elinor Fair

“My ideal man is a clean-cut American. He must be well educated. I demand of him that be faultlessly groomed at all times. He must be dark, tall, and willing to talk to anyone. I could not stand a man who was what we on the screen call ‘Upstage.’ It does not make any difference to me whether he has a fortune or not. I think that I would rather he did not have a lot of money. Of course, I would expect him to provide a comfortable home, and to be a considerate husband and father, but to me money is not essential to happiness. Above all, my ideal man must be clean-mouthed. I hate a man who swears.”Elinor Fair 

Source: 1919


That rising young actress, a girl in her early teens yet, Elinor Fair has an injenue role with Belle Bennett and Barney Sherry at the Triangle studios. The feature, “The Nemesis,” is being directed by Roy Clements, who predicts a brilliant future for Miss Fair. “I have a lively part and I get murdered at the end,” is the naive way Miss Elinor puts it. — Vancouver Daily World (1918)

The Girl in No. 29 poster 1920The Girl in No. 29 (1920). With Frank Mayo.


Kismet (1920) with Otis Skinner.

Kismet (1920). With Otis Skinner.


Elinor Faire (Bizarre Los Angeles)

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