Gypsy Rose Lee – photos and quotes

Gypsy Rose Lee

“Strip teasers are not born, they are made by hard practice. Proper timing is what makes the act. You have to make each move on a carefully planned schedule. There are fast strippers and slow strippers. I belong to the slow stripping school. I think slow tempo suits my personality.”Gypsy Rose Lee

Source: Corrinne Hardesty (1937)


Gypsy Rose Lee 1937

“Strip teasers really cheat the public. I can’t sing or dance and the chorus girls all have better figures and prettier faces than I. But the public flocks to see me take off my clothes. They don’t come to see just another nude girl. The night clubs are full of them. It’s my personality, expressed in the beautifully tomes way I get out of my clothes.”Gypsy Rose Lee

Source: Corrinne Hardesty (1937)

Photo: Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937)


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