Johnny Mack Brown – photos and quotes

Johnny Mack Brown

“There’s nobody in the world can tell me I’m not going to make a success of this acting. I know I will –because I’m learning the fundamentals. I’ve studied more out here than I ever did at Alabama. I’m getting a ground-work — studying everything. I’ve invested a lot of my earnings in study. Diction, voice, languages, even dancing, because that gives added poise.”Johnny Mack Brown, former University of Alabama football star (and gridiron hero of the Rose Bowl), who later found popularity as a B western movie hero.

Source: Robbin Coons in 1934.


Johnny Mack Brown football“I enjoyed football but I wouldn’t stay in if I had my life to live over again. I’ll take the picture-making business.”Johnny Mack Brown


Joan Crawford and Johnny Mack Brown in "Our Dancing Daughters" (1928). Bizarre Los Angeles

Our Dancing Daughters (1928). With Joan Crawford.


Billy the Kid Johnny Mack Brown“I made the first Billy the Kid movie. That’s when I became interested in westerns.”Johnny Mack Brown

Source: Wayne Greenhaw (1966)


Johnny Mack Brown as "Billy the Kid" (Bizarre Los Angeles)


Johnny Mack Brown comic book

A comic book from 1954.


Johnny_Mack_brown“I’m no longer a star attraction. But I play good character roles in the pictures.”Johnny Mack Brown

Source: Wayne Greenhaw (1966)


Johnny Mack Brown Lawless Land“I watch my old movies when they come back to town. I like to see the people I once worked with and haven’t seen in a long, long while. It’s wonderful to see them again.”Johnny Mack Brown

Source: Wayne Greenhaw (1966)

Photo: Lawless Land (1937). With Ted Adams and Julian Rivero.



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