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Leslie Caron – photos and quotes

Leslie Caron

“Even now I feel furious with myself because whenever there’s a camera pointed towards me my MGM training makes me smile. I don’t like it. You can see it on all the people who came from that era because there was no question of them not smiling for the camera. Even Katharine Hepburn — and God knows she was a dramatic actress — if the camera is on her she smiles.”Leslie Caron



Leslie Caron in 1954. (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Since I was 16, I’ve been on my own and to to have so much success so young is a big responsibility. When I came to Hollywood, I was frightened and lonely. But everyone, even strangers, were friendly. But life in America is very much faster than life in Europe. The more modern things are, the more speed. In France, they travel by bicycle and enjoy the ride. Here you hurry up to go somewhere and as soon as you arrive, you hurry up to come back.” — Leslie Caron

Source: Lydia Lane (1954)

Photo: Virgil Apger (1954)


Leslie Caron 1958 (Bizarre Los Angeles)

“Metro was angry with me for turning down two pictures. I wanted more than anything in the world to play ‘Gigi’ on screen, not only because it was a fine part, but it was that play that catapulted Audrey Hepburn into fame.” — Leslie Caron

Source: Hedda Hopper (1958)

Photographer: Cecil Beaton (1958)


Leslie Caron

“It makes me furious when people say you will never be better that you were in ‘Gigi.’ My favorite picture is always the one I am working on – else I would never grow as an actress.”Leslie Caron

Source: 1959

Photo: 1959

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