Nils Asther

Nils Asther

“Like Garbo I have been given many labels by the newspapers. ‘Very nearly as handsome as Valentino‘… ‘the masculine version of that mysterious fascination that is Garbo’s.’ I am tired of being just a screen lover, and I hope some day to get a chance to be myself. I am rather like Greta in that I like to be alone. I love peace and quiet. Hollywood is really no place for me. I stagnate there…. I only really feel awake when the air is fresh and crisp as in my native Scandinavia. I believe it is because Garbo is from Sweden that she feels the same.”Nils Asther, who was often publicized as “the male Garbo.”

Ironically enough, he proposed marriage to the real Garbo (some say as many as three times). Obviously, she turned him down.


Wild Orchids Nils Asther Greta Garbo Lewis Stone

Wild Orchids (1929). With Lewis Stone and Greta Garbo.


Nils Asther (Bizarre Los Angeles)

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