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Peter O’Toole – photos and quotes

Peter O'Toole

“I can’t stand light. I hate weather. My idea of heaven is moving from one smoke-filled room to another.”Peter O’Toole


Peter O'Toole Murphy's War 1970“It’s painful for me to act. Sheer hell while I’m doing it. I live a role like this for three months and every day is agony. I can never hang a part up on a peg when I go home.”Peter O’Toole

Source: William Otterburn-Hall (1970)

Photo: Murphy’s War (1970)


Peter O'Toole candid

“To be honest, I hate publicity. My trouble is keeping out of the papers. I wouldn’t care if people didn’t want to know about me anymore. I think they must be sick to death of me by now, anyway. But if they didn’t go to see my films or plays…ah, now, that would be very sad.”Peter O’Toole

Source: William Otterburn-Hall (1970)

Photographer: Bob Haswell


Lion in Winter Peter O'Toole Katharine Hepburn“In this business we’re always celebrating a wake. Do you think that movies cost $30 million because of the actors? Rubbish! That’s all bull. We bought ‘Lion in Winter’ in for $4 million – and Kate and I don’t come cheap. It’s all crap about actors being too highly paid. It’s simply a question of getting your priorities right, seeing where the money runs to.”Peter O’Toole

Source: William Otterburn-Hall (1970)

Photo: The Lion in Winter (1968). With Katharine Hepburn.


Peter O'Toole 1989

“My hair is a slightly different color. People who haven’t seen me for a long time tell me I haven’t changed physically. And inside I don’t feel any different from when I was quite a young fellow….I wouldn’t have missed one drop of alcohol that I drank. The risks we took, the life we led. Sadly, that’s all over. My health was affected, and there came a point when it was actually more difficult to go on drinking than to give it up.”Peter O’Toole in 1989.

Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP (1989)

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