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Stella Stevens – photos and quotes

Stella Stevens

“You need something more than good looks to have a good life.”Stella Stevens


Stella Stevens red book

“I didn’t apply myself at school and at 17 I was married. The day I discovered how uneducated I was, I decided to do something about it and it changed my life. As long as I live I never intend to stop learning.”Stella Stevens

Photo: Frank Schallwig (1959)


Stella Stevens“How can anyone predict how this will turn out? I think the future will tell if it was mistake. Personally, I don’t think it will hurt my career. Quite a few of my friends have seen an advance copy of the magazine and they all seem to approve.”Stella Stevens

Source: Walter Ames (1959)

Photo: Frank Schallwig (1959)


Stella Stevens

“It was my decision and mine alone. If it was a mistake, I’ll learn from it. If it was not, and I don’t think it was, I’ll profit by it. I’ve not cheapened myself in any way.”Stella Stevens in 1959

Photo: Frank Schallwig (1959)


Stella Stevens 1969

“I am not going to work in small pictures directed by small men. I am now after great directors, great casts and major productions. No reporter will ever dare say again that Stella Stevens has never quite made it.”Stella Stevens

Source: Marjory Adams (1969)

Photo: The Mad Room (1969)


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