Virginia Cherrill

Virginia Cherrill – photos and quotes

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“I was never happier or more excited in my life. I finally found the thing I really wanted to do. But just now I’m concerned about reconciling grandmother to the fact that her granddaughter is going to be an actress. I know it’s hard for her to have a Cherrill in the movies, but I’ll make her proud of me yet. and I’ll see that she becomes a regular movie fan.”Virginia Cherrill

Source: Ione Quinby (1928)


City Lights Chaplin Virginia Cherrill“I have never been able to say much good about Chaplin, so I haven’t said much period. He was hard on me, and I was his prisoner for two years. He was always out playing tennis, while I was never allowed to leave the studio. Then, too, I always felt he was disloyal, first to England and then to America. Now when I see City Lights all I can think of is what a friend of mine said: ‘It looks as if your hair was put on with a biscuit cutter!'”Virginia Cherrill

Source: James Watters (1984)

Photo: City Lights (1931). With Charles Chaplin.


Virginia Cherrill Cary Grant

Cary was married to his career. That’s something that could never have been said about me.” — Virginia Cherrill, who married Grant in 1934.


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