W.S. Van Dyke – photos and quotes

W.S. Van Dyke

“Yep, this business is the biggest gamble. It’s very true here that prosperity is just around the corner. And there are a lot of corners in making pictures.”W.S. Van Dyke

Source: 1937


W.S. Dyke with Jeanette MacDonald 1935

“There’s a movie boner in ‘Naughty Marietta’ which no one noticed. I’m surprised no one saw it. Miss MacDonald is sailing to America on a French boat, and if you watch closely in the long shot you will see that it is flying the British Union Jack.”W.S. Van Dyke

Photo: Behind-the-scenes of Naughty Marietta (1935). With Jeanette MacDonald.


W.S. Van Dyke“Actions do speak louder than words in any dramatic scene.”W.S. Van Dyke

Source: Robbin Coons (1937)


W.S. Van Dyke Ruth Mannix

Posing with his wife, Ruth Mannix, after the birth of Jr., their second of three children together. The Van Dykes’ first born, a 20-month old daughter, stands beside the new arrival. Photo was taken in February of 1937.

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