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Woody Allen – photos and quotes

Woody Allen

“My one regret in life is that I am not someone else.”Woody Allen

Photographer: Irving Penn.


“‘Take the Money and Run’ and ‘Bananas’ were my first two movies. I was learning, floundering, trying to get by on my sense of humor. When it came to the moment of truth, I felt I could count on the laughs. I depended on the laughs to bail me out.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)


Woody Allen Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex“With ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex,” I struggled a lot to pay a bit more attention to technique. It was experimental for me to do all those short pieces – but it helped me to improve a little technically.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)


“‘Sleeper’ and ‘Love and Death’ were cartoon-style films. I was still struggling to develop a sense of cinema, a better feeling for technique. But, even though those films tried for some satirical content, they were still cartoons. I had intended to be very serious in ‘Love and Death.’ But the serious intent underlying the humor was not apparent to most audiences. Laughter submerges everything else.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)


“That’s why I felt that, with ‘Annie Hall,’ I would have to reduce some of the laughter. I didn’t want to destroy the credibility for the sake of the laugh.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)


“I was trying to deal with heavy emotions, heavy confrontations. I was also learning things about myself and my craft: How far one can go, how to go even farther. Each time, I’m attempting to express more and more feelings….It’s my own feelings – my subjective, romantic view – of contemporary life in Manhattan. I like to think that, 100 years from now, if people see the picture, they will learn something about what life in the city was like in the 1970s.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)


“I’m not holed up in my apartment every night pouring over Russian literature and certain Danish philosophers. I’m really hardly a recluse. When a half-dozen paparazzi follow me down the street, naturally I don’t like that very much. But I do go out all the time – to movies, to shop, to walk around in the street, to those parties I think I’ll enjoy.”Woody Allen

Source: Natalie Gittelson (1979)



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