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Bob Hope

“I’ve been in this game long enough to realize there’s no such thing as a new quip….The object is to make a quip sound fresh by giving it a new turn, or tying it up with modern slang or situations in the news.”Bob Hope

Source: Irving Wallace (1940)
Photo: 1939



Marlene DietrichBob Hope and Bette Davis standing in front of the Hollywood Hall of Honor at the Hollywood Canteen. The original building used to be a livery stable that had been converted into a nightclub called “The Old Barn” before becoming the Canteen.

This photo was taken on November 3,1943, and features a Who’s Who of entertainment professionals who entered the armed forces in WWII. (LAPL)


Jane Russell Bob Hope Roy Rogers Trigger

“He’s the biggest ham I’ve ever worked with which is saying a lot. After all, I’ve made several pictures with Crosby.”Bob Hope on Trigger, Roy Roger‘s celebrity horse.

Source: 1952

Photo: With Jane Russell, Trigger and Roy Rogers in 1952.


Bob Hope Jerry Lewis 1952With Jerry Lewis on the Paramount lot in 1952.


Bob Hope Aias Jesse James 1959“I’ll never retire from showbusiness. I love this work too much. The best medicine I have is to hear an audience laugh at my jokes. It exhilerates me. I can’t describe how wonderful I feel doing it. I’m cutting down on some of my other activities but not movies, TV or personal appearances.” — Bob Hope

Source: James Bacon (1959)

Photo: Alias Jesse James (1959)


“The main thing for me to watch is aggravation. That’s what gets you – that and overwork. I just keep talking to myself, that’s all. You’d be surprised how easy it is to convince yourself that there’s no use getting steamed up over little things.”Bob Hope

Source: James Bacon (1959)


bob hope

“I’m not in favor of any war, but I’m also not in favor of surrender…This is a tricky conflict. We’re helping people maintain their freedom.”Bob Hope in 1971.


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