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Jean Seberg – photos and quotes

Jean Seberg

“I never knew until I came here that somebody could be really nice to you for years and really hate your guts. Happens all the time here.”Jean Seberg commenting about her experience with Hollywood.


Jean Seberg Peter Sellers 1959

“In many ways I’m very privileged. I only work with people who are good.”Jean Seberg

Source: Bart Mills (1974)

Photo: The Mouse That Roared (1959). With Peter Sellers.


Jean Seberg 1965

“There remains a strong strain of Iowa in me.”Jean Seberg

Source: Bob Thomas (1965)

Photo: 1965

A Fine Madness Sean Connery 1966

A Fine Madness (1966). Co-starring Sean Connery and  Joanne Woodward.

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