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Joseph L. Mankiewicz – photos and quotes

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“I felt the urge to direct, because I couldn’t stomach what was being done with what I wrote.” —  Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909-1993)


Joseph Mankiewicz Cleopatra 1963“I couldn’t do films today. In fact I sensed that – I must have sensed that even more than I thought I did, like a hurricane way off on the horizon. You know it’s gonna hit you.” — Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Source: John Anderson (1991)

Photo: Cleopatra (1963)


Joseph Mankiewicz

“Don’t make me out to be a nasty, irritable old snot who hates California and feels superior. I’m just a little sad about the kinds of movies they’re making today.” — Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Source: John Anderson (1991)

Photo: 1959


Joseph Mankiewicz“Today’s films don’t seem to exist without the destruction of property, the destruction of human beings, the actual stripping of any kind of mystery or individuality, really, from sex, by putting as much as possible on the screen. Sex…hell, we used to fight for the right to have lips touch.” — Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Source: John Anderson (1991)

Photo: 1990


Joseph Mankiewicz“Sex for the most part on the screen is physically engendered. Rarely do you see two people come together lovingly and tenderly. Or tentatively. It’s like two cars hitting each other. It’s not an auto crash. It’s a love crash.” — Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Source: John Anderson (1991)


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