Forgotten Stars

Margaret Sullavan

Margaret Sullavan

“When I got to Hollywood the makeup boys, the cameramen, the directors and the executives all inspected me. Whatever it was that made them select me in the first place, they insisted on changing. They first removed a mole from my left cheek which I had been previously told was a mark of beauty. They said my teeth needed repairing and straightening and suggested that I have them all pulled and put in plates. We compromised on a shield which fits over them and is worn only on the set. They told me my face was lopsided and that my mouth droops on the right side and that my jaw is lower than on the left. They fixed that in the makeup department with lipstick on the corner of the mouth and by painting the right eyebrow higher than the left, they raised the right side of my face. I think they did a good job.”Margaret Sullavan in 1934.

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